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Updated: May 23, 2021

We are so happy to introduce our 2021 Trail Team members in the coming months! Here on the blog, we will be featuring the hikers who chose to give us weekly written and photo updates as they hike thru. First up is "Puffy" who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and now has his sights set on the Pacific Crest Trail:


Hello everyone! Im honored to be a part of THRUr's PCT 2021 Hiker Correspondent team! I'll start with a little bit of information as to who I am. My name is Garrett Hudson but some refer to me as "Puffy", yeah I know. I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 2013 and was named Puffy the Trail Slayer by a friend I know better as Beeline than his real name, John. I'm from Alabama and have enjoyed the wilderness areas of the east coast thoroughly. I pretty consistently visit the Appalachian range that resides in Alabama (in Cheaha State Park and surrounding wilderness) to get my fill of clean air and peaceful moments. My passion for hiking comes from a place deep within my soul that I have come to know as my inner nomad. I wasn't always a passionate hiker and outdoors enthusiast. I grew up being a runner, a gamer, and a singer in a band. I was a city boy. Now to actually tell you how I became passionate about long distance hiking, haha! I had always enjoyed my time in nature but never considered taking a long hike, nor had I ever heard of the trails that go along with them. One of my dearest friends, Adam, took a shot at the Appalachian trail in....2011 I think? I would have to double check that. He was named UpandAdam and if you knew him you would get it. Anyhow, he made it to Virginia and I know he would have finished had he better finances at the time. That usually kills people's hikes before a lot of people know it. I was so surprised when he went and couldn't get over the idea of walking that far in one go. My inner adventurer lit afire and I started planning my own hike with the person I was involved with at the time. She was supportive of my endeavor the whole way. I broke my foot right before our trip while climbing at a local outdoor spot and was devastated. Flash forward through some depression, recovery and a big breakup....it was 2013 and I needed that adventure. My very same friend Adam saw me off from the famous steps that come before Springer Mountain in Amicalola Falls. I set out March 23rd after what seemed like a lot less planning than people do and didn't look back. The rest is a lot of adventure, which I'll save you from since this is a blog about my coming hike on the PCT.

I enjoy the kindness the community around hiking perpetuates. The long history and classes of hikers that came before helping the newer classes. The amount of kindness I've received without asking for a bit is something I've never found anywhere else. Some might call it magic of the trail variety....haha. Now that I've been away from long hikes for nearly a decade, I'm back. I have reached a point, in my life, where I don't think I can stay still any longer. I need a change that I know this trail will provide. I feel it deep within that nomad soul. The Pacific Crest Trail, along with the whole west coast, is a mystery to me. All the beauty, dangerous and wild, draws me there like an invisible force I can't resist. I'm grateful for the opportunity. I'm prepared to be humbled by the experience.


You can also follow Puffy's adventures on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

He is updating the community additionally by video and audio: Watch his YouTube introduction here and listen to his podcast episode here!

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